For Coaches and Consultants Who Are Making Less Than $10k per Month…

Do you feel stuck explaining your work when you talk to prospective clients?

Do you wish your message made you stand out and created high engagement that would flow right out of you without explaining so much?

Do you feel like you’re trying to fit into other peoples models in your marketing message because you ar converted about of what would happen if you took a stand for what you believe let the world know who you really are?

If so, this eCODE assessment is for you!

When I started my business went against what other coaches do. I decided to uncover my unique strengths and share my message following these three principles. Be Real. Take A Stand. Change Lives.

I created The Entrepreneurs Code. And uncovered my greatest value. My life purpose. My Enneagram personality style and combined it with the experience I had had in my life.

  • My calendar filled with requests to work with me.
  • I had 100% of the 65 people who heard me speak book a session with me and 65% of them joined my program.
  • Within weeks I had my first $50K client from a simple conversation.
  • And my business tripled in revenue in a few short months.

This Guide Will Change The Game.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

A full core value assessment

that reveals who you are and positions you as a lead in your industry.

An easy way to share

what you stand for and create a flood of new interest in your services.

Examples of messaging

that myself and my clients use to stop holding back and speak from the heart.

Your life purpose assessment

showing you exactly what you are here to teach others.

Your Enneagram personality style

which will reveal top 3 ways to
attract perfect clients based on your unique personality.

The opportunity to be coached live

on a hot seat in Patti's
unprecedented Facebook group, “Unleashed Entrepreneurs”


Hi! I'm Patti Keating, host of the Entrepreneur Unleashed Show and CEO of Intentions Coaching where we help entrepreneurs turn their expertise into 6 and 7 figure revenue streams with marketing strategies and business systems, so they create a freedom lifestyle without wasting time or money.

I believe that you meant to share your unique talent and design the life you love. I am a business coach and mentor for purpose driven entrepreneurs and a personal growth catalyst.

I’m on a mission to change the world by empowering purpose driven entrepreneurs. It’s time for you to be seen in all of who you are, boldly and unapologetically. I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs up-level and double, triple, quadruple their income, by sharing their greatest gifts.

My commitment to personal growth, coupled with my tenacious belief that you are meant to live life being entirely and only who you really are, has led me to this wildly successful life and to experiences beyond anything I could have imagined.

How do you know if growing your business is right for you. Trust yourself. Because everything you desire is waiting, right here, right now, for you to say yes. I believe in you!!

"My sales are $13,842 this month and there are still 2 weeks left!! I only had one client when I hired you and now my practice is full and I'm filling my group!"

Laurice Duffy
A Mindful Journey

"Before mentoring with Patti I was adding a few clients each month to my coaching program. Within 4 weeks I added 40 new members to my online program and $40,000 a MONTH to my bottom line."

Steve Wiltshire
Lifeline Coaching

"I LOVE this coaching group! Patti had me choose an income goal and I decided–what the heck, I’ll just go ahead and commit to doubling my current income. Well, it worked! I made it to 80% more than ever before!"

Amy Celona
Webs By Amy

"I’m really blown away…I feel power and fire like I haven’t felt in 20 years. I’m engaged, taking action, not putting things off. If you are considering working with Patti, do it! You will be so glad you did. She is a genius"

Larue Epler
Your Essential Whisper

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